Family Counselling

The focus of family therapy is on how to move forward although sometimes it is important to think about past events and their impact on the present and future.


“There are no individuals in the world, only fragments of families” – Carl Whitaker

Family therapy focuses on relationships between people, helping families to help each other.

Family Counselling : An Overview

Common reasons for attending family therapy

  • Family disharmony and conflict
  • Life transitions
  • Changes to family life / relationships
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Adoption and fostering
  • Emotional difficulties following grief and loss
  • Loss of employment
  • Pre and post marital separation
  • Drug and Alcohol Issues
  • Blended family concerns
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Adolescent / child behaviours, such as attention and over-activity issues
  • Adolescent / child mental health
  • Adult mental health
  • Social policy, such as child protection
  • Domestic violence
  • Post-trauma difficulties

The focus of family therapy is on how to move forward although sometimes it is important to think about past events and their impact on the present and future. Our family therapists practice efficient, short-term therapy.

Side By Side family therapy programs are:

  • brief
  • solution-focused
  • specific, with attainable therapeutic goals
  • designed with the “end in mind.”

Your therapists will help your family work through their concerns in a professional, nonjudgmental and compassionate way. At the same time, we hope to be able to give family members the strength to take responsibility for the things each can change.

Our therapists approach the family’s issues from all perspectives, the children, adolescents and adults and encourage all to work through concerns with empathy for the other’s perspectives.

The safe and supportive environment provided by an experience family therapist significantly improves communication and understanding between each family member.

What types of families attend family counselling?

Side by Side recognises all forms of family and strives to make a positive impact, whether you are blood relations, an extended family, a couple, or a group of people who choose to define yourselves as family.

There are no age limits. Our therapists work across the whole range of relationships including families with young children and adolescents. Our therapists are skilled in communicating with children of different ages. We also work with adult families and older couples and at times with adult brothers and sisters.

Does my whole family have to attend family counselling?

No. Not all family members need to attend; some can attend for a week, other members can attend at other times.

How often should we attend a family counselling session?

Family counselling does not have to be weekly. Each family counselling session can “stand alone” whereby the family go off and implement what they have learned in counselling.

Family sessions typically are a minimum of 1.5 hours in duration.

Hourly Fee would be $ 200 up to three family members and $ 250.00 for four or more family members.

For a 1.5 session the fee is $ 300 for up to three family members and $ 375.00 for four or more family members.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us to discuss if family counselling is right for you and your family or check out our FAQ page.

Family Counselling may not be available in some locations.

Our Therapeutic Model

Our Therapeutic model is derived from the work of researchers and clinicians such as: Sue Johnson, John Gottman, Dan Hughes, Alan Schore, Dan Siegel, Murray Bowen, Bruce Perry, DW Winnicott, Virginia Satir, and Salvador Minuchin.

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