Couples Therapy for Parents

It’s nearly impossible for parenting partners to see eye-to-eye all the time. However, parenting differences can drive a wedge between partners. It is often necessary to “agree to disagree” on some issues but it needs to be done with respect.


If parents do not communicate respectfully with each other and do not have a good strategy for resolving conflicts, the result is chronic, unresolved conflict between the parents.

Relationship counselling and therapy for parents

Side by Side professionals will guide couples through a structured process that will lead to resolve their parenting differences. Couples are assisted in evaluating the effective and ineffective parenting techniques that they are currently utilising and coached to develop a parenting style that works for them as a couple.

We’ll address any questions or concerns you have individually or as a couple. Whether you’re worried about a specific parenting challenge, or just want a space to be able to talk about your concerns and fears with your spouse, you’ll have a safe space to do that.

Whether or not parents can come to agreement and work cohesively with different parenting styles depends greatly on how much energy they are willing to put into working at cooperation instead of conflict and how much insight and objectivity they can bring to the challenge.

We believe that parents need to understand and make sense of what co-parenting means. We help parents with self-care, communication, and a safe place to talk about their difficulties.

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