Though marriages are made in Heaven, why you should still go in for Pre-Marital Counselling


To trot out a worn-out cliché, marriages are made in heaven. But the reality of their success or failure is determined here on earth. Every marriage starts off with promises to make it a success and like everything else that needs to succeed, marriage also requires work – hard work.

Therefore, before heading for it, it would be a wise decision for couples to explore and enrich their relationship and if need be, recognise the need for improvement and strive for it.

This is where counseling helps. Or to be more specific, pre-marital counselling. Counsellors assess you on key points that make or break a relationship, identify your strengths and areas that need enriching, and help you improve your relationship.

They address all aspects of the relationship – situations the couple is likely to find themselves in, challenges they are likely to meet regarding spiritual orientation, personality traits & finances, and tailor sessions accordingly. Pre-marital counseling helps partners communicate more effectively, set expectations that are realistic, and also develop conflict resolution skills. More importantly, it helps them build a positive attitude towards counselling, which will urge them to seek help down the road, if needed.

No marriage is ideal. Any number of unwanted and dysfunctional patterns can emerge in any relationship. People change, natures change, priorities change, and more than anything, marriage causes people to take each other for granted. This sets the marriage off down a course of disappointment and people could end up being disillusioned with the very institution of marriage.

Studies show that a marriage faces the highest risk of divorce in its earlier stages. It will do good to bear in mind that each person brings with him or her their own set of values, opinions, history and other personal baggage into a marriage, and once the honeymoon is over, these may not look as appealing as they once did.

Marriage is an extraordinary commitment, both of the mind and body. And pre-nuptials notwithstanding, every single person who steps into this bond does so with every intention of making it work. By discussing and being counseled about the reality of marriage before you embark on that journey, you would be better prepared to make it work.

We have an excellent team of experienced counselors who can help you and guide you make your marriage a success. Call us to make an appointment. We are here to help.

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