3 Obvious ways in which your Feelings confirm you are with the Right Partner


All of us, regardless of age, yearn for the perfect partner – the one who lights up our life, complements our being by filling in what we feel me miss ourselves, make us yearn – in short, the partner of our dreams. Rarely does that dream turn out true. So how does one know that they are in the presence of the right one? In most cases, the right person would always be the one who makes us feel right in certain ways.


We are not talking just about the “honey moon” phase in any relationship, but for all times. Your heart latches on to the kindred soul who makes you the happiest. It is fundamental, so to speak. It is simple, if this person makes you feel happy, never let go.


Everyone needs that confidant voice of encouragement that helps us take that bold risk in our professional and personal lives that might takes us higher. When it comes from your life partner, your heart doesn’t even need to think twice. The capability for someone other than ourselves to make us believe in ourselves is the greatest gift of all. And it can only come from a soul who genuinely and unconditionally cares about you.

Being Yourself

It is mostly a given, in relationships, to being continuously aware of the seemingly existing pressure to change who you really are to a “perceived” better one for your loved one. This constant tension of changing for the other one mostly end up with questions on one’s self-worth and a deepening sense of inadequacy that would make it worse for both of them. But, on the contrary, if you feel comfortable in your own skin with your loved one, never leave the hand.

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