From being the proverbial comfort zone, has marriage turned to be the challenge ?


Earlier reports had indicated how marriage was improving a man’s life span by providing a more stable physical and mental well being, but this theory is now under serious threat. Latest studies indicate that marriage is no longer the cushion that a man needed to stave off challenges; in fact it has become the challenge itself. Recent studies also point to marriage leading to an increase in BMI of men and how that is impacting their general health; and adding to this fact is the finding that modern day marriages are no longer the great institutions that they were once touted to be. Two schools of thought into the reason for the change is that current economic pressures mean that married couples are spending less time together, while another is that they are now turning to social media, rather than each other for emotional support.

Life has lost its stability and the pressures of job, travel and finance have contributed to a dangerous phenomenon where-in couples often end up with less or absolutely no communication with each other. This in turn has led to emotional blocks which is a dangerous indicator as far as married life is concerned. Studies comparing general life and health of men married in earlier generations in comparison to those married in the present generation indicate a platonic shift as far health parameters are concerned. The present generation lacked any good health indicators and these included both physical and emotional aspects. It was also noticed that couples had no clue about each other’s likes and dislikes which meant how hollow their relationships have become.

If marriage has lost its sheen, is there a way out? Question may sound preposterous, but the crux of the matter is that technology, though making life easier, has also contributed to making humans more robots like, which means that emotion has been taken out of the marital equation. A marriage without emotions is literally a life without happiness, as the crux of the relationship is missing, which in turn makes it so mechanical and lifeless that you lose a big pillar that could support you.

The only way out is to have little breaks from technology and indulge in some real nurturing, which in turn could help us to return to our original human lives and bring back the missing spark in our marriages. And if the effort just doesn’t seem to ignite each other’s hearts, maybe it is time to have a professional get involved through marriage counselling to help you truly stay together.

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